Recommended Reading

First published 9 May 2017. Last updated 9 May 2017.

These picks are basically self-centered. I haven’t read enough to credibly present a prioritized list of the “best” papers, or the ones you “ought” to read. These are just some papers that have happened to influence my development.

Bostrom, Nick. Are you living in a computer simulation?

Bostrom, Nick. Where are they? Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing.

Singer, Peter. Famine, affluence, and morality.

Tomasik, Brian. Does vegetarianism make a difference?

Tomasik, Brian. How to interpret a physical system as a mind.

Tomasik, Brian. Is there suffering in fundamental physics?

Tomasik, Brian. Which computations do I care about?

Urban, Tim. The artificial intelligence revolution: part 1 and part 2.

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