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If it’s your first time here, you might want to start by reading this short primer on my beliefs regarding important questions, which I largely take for granted in much of my writing.

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Animal Welfare

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Animal Welfare

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Slaughter Facts

Displays facts of the following form:

“Every minute, 442 turkeys are slaughtered in the United States.”

“Every year28 million ducks are slaughtered in the United States.”

I Used to Believe: Individual Vegetarians Didn’t Make (Much of) a Difference

How Good Is Bacon, Exactly? [Data]

Uses data to test the intuitions supporting the argument that human pleasure in consuming animal products genuinely justifies farmed animal suffering.

Farm Animal Suffering Comparisons

How much suffering do we cause when we buy _____? Aimed at informing ethical consumers. Some results run counter to common perception – for example, buying chicken is probably more unethical than buying beef.

Ethical Omnivore Calculator

Lightweight web app suggesting priorities for ethical omnivores. Example takeaways: just giving up chicken reduces the farm animal suffering behind your diet by about 50%, and you can get above 90% by giving up eggs and fish too. More complete data and an explanatory article are in the works.

Vegan Beer Picker (currently broken)

A simple web app that makes it easy to choose high-quality vegan beer while browsing in a shop, without opening a dozen tabs across several websites

General Philosophy

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The Bad Guy Spectrum

A call for broader perspective in moral evaluation.

Flavors of Utilitarianism

Hedonic vs. preference, negative vs. non-negative, total vs. average, rule vs. act.

In Defense of Utilitarianism

Responses to the utility monster, the experience machine, and the repugnant conclusion / mere addition paradox.

Why I’m Not a Negative Utilitarian

And why it matters.

Data Visualizations

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American Electoral Politics: The Past 100 Years

U.S. presidential elections from 1912 to 2012

What Makes an Elite Rock Climber?

Characteristics of boulderers who have achieved V15 (8C), the hardest confirmed grade

Subreddit Word Clouds

Word clouds characterizing any subreddit, fetching data in real time from Reddit’s API

Applications & Extensions

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A Chrome extension to enhance the user experience of the MMO game Agar.io


A Chrome extension for streamlined note-taking and excerpt sharing on Wikipedia

Gravity Trainer

A training, reference, and record-keeping app for rock climbers

Custom Catan

Settlers of Catan board generator

Connect Four AI: Interactive Game and Two-AI Showdown

Adjustable-difficulty AI with command-line interface, using MiniMax and AlphaBeta pruning

Elo Win Rate Calculator

A simple in-browser tool to generate win probabilities between two players given their Elo ratings.


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Introducing “I Used to Believe” (A Series)

Recommended Reading

A few papers that have played particularly significant roles in my development.


Formal Writing

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Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty

With Jisung Park

Buying Enemies: Why Foreign Assistance Endangers US Security Interests and Directions for Reform

With the 2014 national security policy team at the Harvard Institute of Politics